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Working & Volunteering At Singa Champs

Join us in this worthy cause if you are passionate about helping youths with autism to discover their gifts and talent in the arena of sports and the creative arts developing them and providing opportunities for them to proudly showcase what they have achieved to the world. 

Why the need to join Singa Champs?

It is the best place to grow not just for the youths, but also for you as our coaches and instructors. We treat every challenge and failure as opportunities to widen our horizon and deepen our appreciation for one another.

Singa Champs will provide all the necessary support and guidance so that we can bring the best out of you. You will be equipped with the knowledge of the different characteristics of ASD with empathy in order to develop autism-friendly approaches and practices in order to narrow the gap. This is an essential life-skill well sought after in the working world. Through establishing rapport and trust, we will also get to build deep and lasting friendships with the youths, their parents as well as fellow coaches.


Qualities that we champion 

Coaches should be able to conduct and/or assist sessions independently in accordance to the Singa Champs framework and training methodology.

Coaches takes on an important role to be exemplary and patient when the kids are putting in the effort to join physical activities.​

Preferred qualification include experience in special needs education, early childhood education, sports science, sports coaching, any sports related degree/diploma or experience in working with young children. 

Full time, part time and voluntary positions are available. Interested and successful applicants will need to go through a mandatory training as provided by Singa Champs. 


Questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

Tel: +65 8321 8335

Thanks for submitting!

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