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Meet Our Coaches

Our team of committed coaches have dedicated themselves to serve the community in extraordinary ways. Equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and most importantly, compassion, our coaches work actively in creating the suitable programmes for our young champs.


Ernie Sontaril
Founder & Managing Director

Head Coach - Soccer & Gymmie Champs

Ernie has been playing soccer competitively since 2005 during her tertiary education. Subsequently, in 2007, she became a National Athlete in the Singapore Women’s National Team. Besides her commitment to the national team, she has also actively played for various clubs, such as the Lion City Sailors. 

Ernie is a certified coach under the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and attended the FIFA Women’s Coaching Course. Throughout her years of experience, she has coached for various schools, academies, as well as the Under-12, -14, and -19 Girls’ National Team. Outside of the sport, Ernie has been working in the Special Education sector, achieving numerous certifications such as the Certificate in Autism Exercise Specialist Course by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). As a result of her passion for sports, combined with her love and advocacy for our youths with ASD, Singa Champs was founded.

 Coach Hairil - Soccer

Hairil played soccer competitively throughout his schooling years and went on to become an assistant coach at a local football academy. Besides a passion for the sport that remains active today, he has a heart for the special needs community, and was a teacher in a special education school for many years, specialising in teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


During his time there, he underwent numerous professional development training programmes, including Fundamentals of Autism and the Diploma in Special Education (DISE) by the National Institute of Education. As a DISE-trained teacher, he not only anchored his own class, but led sports related school-wide initiatives, such as a daily physical exercise programme for students. Marrying his two passions, Hairil founded a futsal team in the school, which he developed a training curriculum for and coached weekly. He led the team to participate in various events, like Spartan Race Singapore and the Play Inclusive competition by Special Olympics Singapore and SportCares.


Hairil hopes that his background in soccer and special education will allow him to contribute positively to the development of all children who pass through Singa Champs’ doors!


Coach Hana (Volunteer) - Multi-Sports

Farhana has worked with adults with multiple disabilities ages ranging from 18 to 50 years old, by engaging and integrating them into the community through various games, recreational activities and outings to promote and encourage social participation. 


She currently teaches in a local special school and has been in the Special Education sector for 3 years. She works with youths with ASD and multiple disabilities, ages ranging from 7 years old to 18 years old. She co-plans and conducts Basketball and support Soccer sessions for Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) in the special school.


She has a Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management, Diploma in Special Education (DISE) and Certificate in Autism (CIA).

Coach Wani - Multi-Sports & Basketball

Wani has taught in AWWA School. She has been in the Special Education sector for 4 years. She has completed the Fundamentals of Autism (FOA) and An Autism Expert Series by Autism Resource Centre Singapore (ARC).


She worked with youths with ASD and multiple disabilities from the age of 7 years old to 18 years old. She supports and conducts sporting Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) sessions such as Track and Field, Swimming and Basketball. She co-plans and executes the sporting sessions, promoting participation and empowering students to actively participate and compete in competitions.

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Head Coach - Multi-Sports
Coach EL

An energetic sports trainer who has been working and assisting children with their motor skills. She has a proven track record in coaching and delivering multi-sports programmes for 13 years. 


Coach El graduated with a Higher Nitec certificate in Sports Management in 2009, and a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences in 2012.


Coaching children with special needs is a newfound calling for her. She celebrates small achievements and is determined to see them succeed.


Coach Azmi - Soccer

A professional trainer with close to 7 years of teaching, coaching, mentoring and facilitation experience. 


He has prior experience working in a special education school for 2 years working with youths with ASD helping then integrate in the society through work attachments and necessary trainings.


Azmi have a graduate degree in Exercise & Sports Science and also a certified autism fitness coach since 2018.

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