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Meet Our Coaches

Our team of committed coaches have dedicated themselves to serve the community in extraordinary ways. Equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and most importantly, compassion, our coaches work actively in creating the suitable programmes for our young champs.


Ernie Sontaril

Founder & Managing Director

Head Coach - Multi-Sports & Gymmie Champs

Ernie has been playing soccer competitively since 2005 during her tertiary education. Subsequently, in 2007, she became a National Athlete in the Singapore Women’s National Team. Besides her commitment to the national team, she has also actively played for various clubs, such as the Lion City Sailors. 

Ernie is a certified coach under the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and attended the FIFA Women’s Coaching Course. Throughout her years of experience, she has coached for various schools, academies, as well as the Under-12, -14, and -19 Girls’ National Team. Outside of the sport, Ernie has been working in the Special Education sector, achieving numerous certifications such as the Certificate in Autism Exercise Specialist Course by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). As a result of her passion for sports, combined with her love and advocacy for our youths with ASD, Singa Champs was founded.

Nur Muhd Khairullah

Head Coach - Multi-Sports & Soccer

Khairullah is a qualified trainer in both Football and Multi-Sports with more than 10 years of experience. He coached football for the students with Cerebral Palsy from Asian’s Women Welfare Association (AWWA). Khairullah has also worked closely with students ranging from pre-school years to youths by training their psychomotor skills, affective skills and cognitive thinking skills. He was involved in the Nuture Kids’ programme under the Sport Singapore for more than 3 years.


Besides coaching locally, he has also travelled to Italy for overseas stints which allowed exposure to the various methods of playing & coaching. Recently, he adapted his approach by coaching the students virtually through Zoom platform.



Head Instructor - Art & Crafts, Music & Drama

During her formative years, Aisyah discovered her love for various artforms, from visual art to the performing arts. She has represented her school in the Singapore Youth Festival, achieving the Certificate of Distinction, and also pursued Art formally at the GCE ‘O’ Levels. Since 2015, she has worked closely with children aged 5 to 12, initially in mainstream education and subsequently in Special Education. She has achieved qualifications such as the certificate in Fundamentals of Autism. With her passion for the arts and experience in Special Education, Aisyah hopes to pave the way for an inclusive local art scene.


Instructor - Art & Crafts, Music & Drama

From an early age, Pantxika has been passionate and active in the performing arts, competing and performing in Indian Dance for over 10 years. At a national level, she has represented her schools bi-annually in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), leading her school dance ensemble to achieve the Certificate of Gold with Honours / Distinction on multiple occasions. She has formally pursued Drama at the GCE ‘O’ Levels and subsequently completed her tertiary education in Early Childhood Studies. With her creativity and talent in performing, paired with her experience in teaching, Pantxika aspires to provide the optimal platform for our youths with ASD to express themselves artistically.


Dini Matin

Head Coach - Basketball

With over 10 years of experience in the sport, Dini has accrued numerous accomplishments throughout his youth while competing at the tertiary level as well as in the Open categories (National Basketball League). Besides being a valuable team-player and captain over the years, Dini has also recently taken up coaching and hopes to provide his expertise in a meaningful capacity here at Singa Champs.

Ainul Mardiyah

Volunteer - Art & Crafts, Music & Drama

With over 10 years of experience in the performing arts, Ainul has actively participated both on-stage as well as in various behind-the-scenes roles such as writing. She has represented her schools in multiple theatre productions and competitions, including the annual Singapore Youth Festival, leading her school ensemble to clinch the Certificate of Distinction. She also has 5 years of experience teaching from primary through secondary levels. Completing her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English (NTU), Ainul hopes to apply her background in Literature and experience in teaching to guide our youths towards creative excellence.

Hui Xin

Volunteer - Soccer

As a National Athlete in the Singapore Women’s National Team, Hui Xin has represented the country at international levels. Besides achieving a stellar career in soccer, she also soon progressed to coaching and now has been a resident coach at JSSL Arsenal Academy for the past 10 years. At Singa Champs, Hui Xin aims to provide the direction needed for our youths to pursue excellence in the sport.


Coach - Basketball

Passion and commitment to the sport has been the driving factor in Youhei’s Basketball career for the past 10 years, during which he has represented his schools at the tertiary level, and subsequently had a stint as assistant coach for teams in the "C" Division. Additionally, Youhei has engaged in community projects with the youths in Boys’ Town. With his affinity for service and seasoned skillset in the sport, Youhei aspires to build an inclusive sports scene in Singapore.