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Who We Are?

We are a team of individuals who believe in the capabilities of our youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our aim is to focus on their potential and work towards building accomplishments in the real world. We aspire to improve the self-esteem & social interaction of youths on the spectrum in a healthy, loving and welcoming environment.


Singa Champs is our depiction of bravery; the bravery to overcome challenges and pursue success. It is our belief that every single one of our youths has the potential to champion this bravery.

Our Vision

To be the platform for our youths to discover and showcase their innate talents, in partnership with external agencies to provide multiple exposures.


Our Mission

To develop our youths’ positive self-esteem and self-belief through sports and arts of their interest.


 Our Core Values

  • Respect – We believe in creating an environment where all individuals are respected and given the opportunities they deserve to grow and be heard.


  • Courage – With bravery and courage, we will motivate and empower our youths to pursue their dreams, without any limits.


  • Compassion – In a world strife with challenges, we hope to provide the warmth and compassion for our youths to know that they will never stand alone.


  • Positivity – No goal is unattainable, nor a dream too big, when we are able to believe in ourselves and possess the positivity to work towards it.

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